I Want It All – Lucas & Steve

Creative Fields:
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Location scout
A visual short love story for “I Want It All” from the debut album “Letters To Remember” of the dutch music producer duo Lucas & Steve.

Young Love. One room. One night. Nothing else matters. The story takes place on a road trip at a point where two strangers meet. Love struck immediately, knowing that it soon has to come to an end.  We follow this memory of the one night they spend together. Part of the narrative is divided into both points of views, one of them in red the other one in blue. Red representing her view and blue representing his view.

Creative direction & Art direction Acid and Marble
Producer Acid and Marble
Director Acid and Marble
Cinematographer Viktor Annerstål
Production manager Boris Vergara
Hair & Make-Up Eva Ahlbin
Style Acid and Marble
Gaffer Erik Hassel
Editor Alex Eneroth & Acid and Marble
Colorist Simona Molina Bravo
Talents Vjosa Halili & Kalle Svensson
Casting Acid and Marble
Location scout Acid and Marble