O–S–A: Odeur Studios x Steve Angello

Creative Fields:
Design concept
Graphic design
Art Direction
The graphic concept is an interpretation of the track Tiger from the latest album Wild Youth of Steve Angello in a collaboration with Odeur Studios and Steve Angello. It resulted in a pattern symbolizeing the impressions given to us by our past that truly capture our journey and sometimes create wounds feeling as painful like scratches from a tiger. This pulse of time is visualized through an intricate print of the bass rythm from Tiger, framed here in typography alterations – bass drum, snare, cowbell and Cls'dHat.

This is what paved the way for O–S–A (Odeur–Steve–Angello). A unique capsule collection that consists of twelve signature garments. All styles are unisex and suitable for both adults and children. The adult collection resembles the past whilst the younger collection resembles the future.

O-S-A was released during New York Fashion Week at the ADC Gallery at Manhattan on Thursday the 18th of February. The launch of the collection was paired with the worldwide music video premiere of Tiger.

Client: Odeur Studios for Steve Angello
Creative Direction: Acid and Marble, Odeur Studios
Graphic design/Print design: Acid and Marble
Fashion design: Odeur Studios

︎See complete Look Book at odeurstudios.com
︎ Listen to the track Tiger

Press International:
mixamag, Earmilk, Music Times, YourEDM, Radio Saturn, 360 Magazine, PLUR Tokyo

Press Swedish:
Cap & Design, Dagens Media, Café, Popmani, stureplan.se, Allt om Stockholm