OXID Bar x Mat

Creative Fields: 
Brand Identity
Logo design
Graphic concept

We proudly present our work for the infamous bash bar in Stockholm city, where joyful merrymakers have delighted themselves with beverages since the '90s. We created a new identity and logotype where the challenge was to both modernize and retain the legacy. It was as essential to gain new crowd without losing regulars.

The logo is as much a wordmark as it is a symbol, where the letters iD of "OXID" is turned 90 degrees and selected to function as a stand-alone flirting symbol (something their guests do all the time). The complementary typography consists of a light and thin mono (Pitch Sans) as a contrast to the heavier logo. The colour palette is vibrant with neon colours, green, yellow and luminous red. Vivid colours for an energetic bar and restaurant enviroment.

OXID is not a noble establishment, it's a place for celebration and bash!

GOLD winner in the Swedish Design Awards 2020."
För ett perfekt balanserat kaos av intryck och uttryck, där kärleken kalasar till sena timmen i varenda detalj." / "For a perfectly balanced chaos of impressions and expressions, where love feasts until the late hour in every detail."

Gold Winner
Swedish Design Awards 2020