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Trying out a new S–ZE.

We have been focusing on the size of things. How much does size matter? The record label Size was founded two decades ago by Steve Angello solely to enable him to release his own tracks. Today it is a full-blown label with offices in the UK, Sweden and the US. With new plans in sight 2017, we were asked to re-create their identity.
We visualized the growth of Size and the growth of the individuals who contribute to S–ZE. After looking at it from an interactive community’s point of view, a flexible identity began to take shape. The new logotype then became an animation that comes to life by expanding into the maximum size of its format. It strives towards its limits, representing drive and ambition and a constant aim to move towards the future.

In contrary to what most people visualize when thinking about electronic dance music, an underground nightclub scene reflected by dark and neon colours, we focused on where the music is actually experienced; In the car, at work, when walking. Basically during all hours of the day the music serves as a reality escape, which made a light and airy colour scheme and typography come naturally.
The S–ZE identity is designed and prepared for new frontiers and only in the beginning of its journey. S–ZE rises from the underground scene into the light but with a solid ground to evolve. The future is to move forward.

Motion blur is key element in images.